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Translation services

The translation services offered by us involve more than the mere translation of a text from one language to another, but also include the editing, proofreading and final review of the text. In addition, we offer interpretation services, notarized translation and will also take care of the text’s layout and design for you. Our translation bureau mainly translates from and to Estonian, Russian, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and French. We receive most frequent orders for translations from Estonian to English and English to Estonian. It is possible to order translations for over a hundred languages from us.

Written translation

Translation requests can be divided into separate categories:

  • technical texts (e.g. manuals, safety instructions);
  • books, articles, research papers;
  • marketing texts (e.g. home pages, product descriptions);
  • legal texts (e.g. contracts, certificates, regulations);
  • medical texts (e.g. drug information sheets, medical histories);
  • other texts.

While translating a text, sometimes even the most experienced translators can slip. That is why there is an editor who reads through the text and eliminates all possible oversights. Proofreading, which primarily involves the correction of spelling mistakes, typos and grammar, is always included in the price. Editing is more thorough and involves the comparison of the target text with the source text, the checking of facts, and if necessary, also content-related changes to the translation.

The text is often more than string a sentences layout and design are also important. If this is the case, we offer to take care of the layout and design for you and issue the translation in a format that is as close as possible to the original text.

In order to guarantee the high quality of completed translations, the edited or proofread text will also go through a final review before being sent to the client. This allows us to make sure that during the process of editing or design, no mistakes have been made or remain in the text.

It is also possible to order notarized translations from us (selected languages).

Interpretation services                                                                                                      

We also offer interpretation services. The two most common forms of interpretation are simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. While simultaneous interpretation is performed at the same time the speaker is talking, consecutive interpretation has the speaker and interpreter take turns. When the speaker has completed a thought, the interpreter translates it into the desired language. Usually, the speaker and interpreter alternate at intervals of no longer than 5 minutes.




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