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A translation bureau is a company providing translation services, where the act of translation forms a comprehensive process which, in addition to translation, also includes other supportive services.

Translation service is a translation process directed at achieving the specific aim of the customer, and where the outcome is either written or oral translation.

Written translation service – written translation which also includes proofreading (editing) and final review.

Oral translation service – oral translation where three types are distinguished: consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, and whispering interpretation.

Interpreter – person performing oral interpretation.

Translator – person performing written translation.

Source text – the text presented by the person ordering the translation service that needs to be translated into another language. Preferably, this text should be an original, not a translation.

Translation text – source text that has been translated into a target language.

Source language – language in which the source text is presented.

Target language – language into which the text is translated.

Editing – the substantial and specialised editing of the translation text based on the source text.

Proofreading – reviewing the translation text or the original text by another person with the aim of verifying its linguistic authenticity and comprehensibility.

Final review – the overall review of a translation text, in order to verify that all the parts of a source text are translated, and the names/numbers found in the text and formatting are correct.

Localisation – significant adjustment of a translation text considering the language and cultural environment of the end user.

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